I’M Possible Training Introductory Module

Description: I’M Possible Training – Introductory Module

Price: S$420

Location: 165 Hougang Avenue 1 (Outdoor)

ACS Barker, 50 Barker Road (Subject to Covid-Reg)

1st Time Registration and Assessment: S$48 Inclusive Training Tee and 30 min Pre-session Assessment

Program: IPT Introduction Module

Session: 8 Sessions

Timeslot: Every Tues and Thurs (0830-1000) Starting 23 Nov

Invented by Micah Lancaster, the founder of I’m Possible Training and the creator of skill training innovations.  JrBA’s is glad to be a partner with Certified Trainer conducting all IPT modules.
  IPT Induction Modules is suitable for players who have played the game of basketball for awhile with a certain basic foundational level.  Delivered by certified trainers, this small group camp will allow the players to explore new possibilities in Footwork, Body Control, Agility and Ball Control/Handling.

  Through the 8 sessions, Players will progress from Basic footwork to advance ball control and drives.  The Players will be challenged in their abilities to perform body control and agility as they progress through the sessions.

  Each player will undergo an Assessment Session which will then be tabulated into a Player Map/document format for reviews and discussion. 

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