Academy Training Program (Season)

Season21, Qtr4 (Oct - Dec)

JrBA’s Academy Training Program is a Structured Curriculum incorporating many training elements from Top notch Basketball Academies from US and China. Aimed at developing & equipping players with a holistic set of skills, meeting and exceeding the demands of the game of basketball.  Each Term/Program is progressively designed, focusing on training and developing fundamentals.  

There are 5 Age Categories and 3 Training Levels;
*  Players will be assessed Pre and Post Season/Qtr.
*  Recommendations will be made on the individual’s progression for the next Qtr program.
*  Players’ Profile and Tracker will be maintained
*  Unlimited conditioning and scrimmage sessions (subject to booking/availability/Covid regulations)
*  One time registration fee, S$48
 * inclusive of player assessment and Training Tee
* S$420 for one term (9-10 training sessions) choose either weekday or weekend.

i. Junior I & II. (5-7 yrs old) & (8-10 yrs old) 
ii. Intermediate (11-14 yrs old) 
iii. Senior I & II (15-17 yrs old) & (18-19 yrs old)


i Foundation – At the beginning of joining any particular Age Group, Players will join at the Foundation Level and will be accessed at the end of every Season/Qtr. The focus for this level is to ensured that the players are firmly grounded in the fundamentals required to move into Advanced Level. The training and drills may seems simple and basic but its of upmost importance that young players understand the value it brings to them later in their basketball journey. Focus Values – Resiliency & Determination,  Training Tee – Grey

ii  Advanced – Building onto the foundations developed, Advance level will incorporate Stacking/Mixing Training methods to introduce complexity into the training. Training the players ability to receive, adsorb and process multiple inputs of information at the same time. This is when the Players will be Stretched both Physically and Mentally.  Focus Values – Focus & Integrity, Training Tee – White

iii  Elite – Upon successfully completing and passing the Advance level, Coaches will recommend selected players to move up to the Elite Program within the Age Group. The Training elements here will be the most demanding of the player, incorporating competition aspects, preparing the players’ mind and body’s readiness. Game play & Team work elements will be a crucial part of the training and players will be assessed based on decisions and awareness on Court.  Focus Values – Teamwork & Honor , Training Tee – Red

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